Security Solutions

Secure Android

Suitable for:
  • Users who needs the comfort of a secure smartphone

Highly secure, mostly open-source and transparent solution for using a smartphone based on CyanogenMod alternative Android distribution with custom enhancements:

  • Encrypted calls using ZRTP enabled Linphone or CSIPSimple
  • Standalone VoIP PBX based on FreeSWITCH / Kamailio SIP Server, as a hardware appliance, protected against unauthorized hardware access and with full disk encryption, with remote management access
  • “Extra Secure” optional features
    • Open-hardware and Open-Software GSM module, which enables mobile data on Android Tablet devices, and we can shut off built-in GSM hardware
    • Screen protection against monitoring and observation with the naked eye
    • Killswitch protection which deletes encryption keys and overwrites as much encrypted data as possible when “Special Unlock Code” is used before starting the device (bootloader unlock) or on screen unlock