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  • CEO
    Certified IT Security Professional

He gained his BSc. at the FEI-STU in Bratislava and MSc in Computer Science at the Czech Technical University with a master’s thesis focused on ultra-secure systems. He holds many prestigious security certifications including CISSP and CEH, he is Slovak OWASP chapter leader, co-founder of Progressbar and SOIT organizations where he is responsible for IT security.

Pavol used to have regular presentations at various worldwide security conferences (in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, and Prague). In the past, he demonstrated vulnerabilities in the public transport SMS tickets in all major cities in Europe, together with his colleague Norbert Szetei he practically demonstratedvulnerabilities in Mifare Classic RFID cards. He has 14 years of experience in IT security, penetration testing, and security auditing, including social engineering and digital forensic analysis.

He is co-author of the OWASP Testing Guide v3, has a deep knowledge of the OSSTMM, ISO17799/27001 and many years experience in seeking vulnerabilities. He knows many programming languages (ASM, C, C++, XSLT, Perl, Java, PLSQL, Lisp, Prolog, and scripting languages) and operating systems. He is also focused on VoIP and interesting IT security research.

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  • Professional Penetration Tester

He holds many certifications – CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), SCSA (Sun Certified System Administrator), SCNA (Sun Certified Network Administrator), LPIC-3 (Senior Level Linux Professional), CMDB MySQL (MySQL Certified DB Administrator).

Boris has a knowledge of many programming languages including ASM, C, C++, Java, Python, Perl.
In the past, he proposed and implemented many complex LB / HA cloud-computing clusters based on Amazon / Rackspace technology and Oracle / MySQL / PostgreSQL database clusters.

He also has a very deep knowledge of the OWASP Testing Guide, OSSTMM and experience with many security testing tools and exploit frameworks

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  • Professional Penetration Tester

Jaroslav has a deep knowledge of low-level and high level programming languages. He is an expert in reverse engineering and has a detailed knowledge of Windows / Linux system architecture.

He is also a top specialist in architectural design and implementation of SAP systems. He has a knowledge of the OWASP Testing Guide, OSSTMM and a lot of experience in seeking vulnerabilities.

He is also focused on IT security research (smart card emulation via NFC phones).

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  • IT Security Consultant
    Penetration Tester

He gained his Msc at FEI-SPU Nitra focused on quantitative management and informatics. He holds many security and network professional certifications including OSCE (Offensive Security Certified Expert) CCSP, CCNP, CCNP-Security, CCDP, and CCIP.

He worked as a consultant and technical director in various companies, as co-owner and trainer in Lapis, s.r.o., director CIKT University in Nitra and security consultant in CORINEX GROUP, a.s.

He is specialized in design, implementation and testing of network infrastructure security, ISO 17799/27000 documentation, forensic analysis and penetration testing.

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  • Professional Penetration Tester

Since 1999, Ian has been learning and experiencing exploitation, cryptography and other related areas through a series of challenge sites. This led him to create his own site Revolution Elite , designing and building web-based exploits in a controlled environment. He holds prestigious security certification OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), OSCE (Offensive Security Certified Expert) and OSWP(Offensive Security Wireless Professional).

Commercially, he has written software for hotels, music festivals, and systems for encryption and encoding. Having achieved a BSc in Computer Science in 2013, he is currently expanding his skillset by studying Reverse Engineering, and actively developing in either Java, Python, or PHP on a daily basis.

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He gained his MSc at the FIIT-STU in Bratislava with master thesis focused on Adaptive management of portable channel properties (module within the Linux kernel)

Roman worked more than 12 years as a software engineer and system administrator for a company developing web and mobile applications. He was responsible for analysis and development for applications running on PHP and ASP.NET. He was developing applications for content management and e-learning support, integrated systems for managing events in sports arenas, in WPF technology, and also CRM systems on the .NET platform. He has experience with agile methodologies and a complete software development process from design to operation.

Later, in a position of CTO, Roman gained practical experience in planning the technical aspects of the development, creation, and implementation of technology strategy and coordination of all technical stages of product development.

Concurrently with employment, in the years 2012-2014, he lectured on FMFI UK as an external lecturer teaching mobile application development on Android and Windows platforms.

He has knowledge of several programming technologies (ASP.NET – Web Forms, MVC, Web API, PHP, Javascript – both the server and the client, the development of mobile applications for Android or Windows Phone, shell programming in Bash or Powershell, C / C ++, assembler) and database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL). He has experience in programming for the Linux kernel. He has years of experience in penetration testing of web and mobile applications, with ensuring the systems and implementation of IDS and IPS systems. He has an in-depth knowledge of the OWASP Testing Guide, OSSTMM and has experience with many security testing tools and exploit frameworks. He also has experience in preparing various IT security training and audits of the source code (i.e., according to the Microsoft SDL).

He currently works as a software engineer for a company operating in the Fintech sector and also as an IT security consultant at Nethemba.

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  • Penetration Tester

He gained his BSc. at the Brno University of Technology and finished his studies as a MSc. at the Masaryk University, with masters thesis focused on honeypot development. During his studies he also had the opportunity to collaborate with CZ NIC Labs and the National Cyber Security Centre of the Czech Republic on security software development.

Peter has an excellent background knowledge of computer science and information technology security. He has a knowledge of many programming languages (ASM, C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, and more) and several database management systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite).

In order to expand his knowledge, Peter regularly participates in Capture The Flag challenges in the area of penetration testing and forensic analysis.