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Security Services

TETRA analysis

  • TETRA network security analysis
    • Standard security checks (Air Interface ciphering, End-to-End encryption on both transport and application level, …)
    • Advanced analysis (passive network analysis in a given range, detection of vulnerable mobile stations, analysis of vulnerabilities on application level)
  • Communication analysis (Voice, SDS, TCP/IP over TETRA, …)
    • (Optional) Passive-only approach
    • Voice data demodulation with possibility to provide full voice transmission recordings
    • Analysis of SDS data communication, analyzing vulnerabilities and/or information leaks
  • Analysis of infrastructure architecture and stability
    • Long-term analysis of infrastructure stability and performance
    • Alert on anomalies (statistical analysis of traffic attributes, eg. number of connected MS, new type of MS infrastructure, re-send/bit-error rate peaks)
  • TETRA network strength testing (RSSI and Bit-Error rate, ie. problem with decoding transmissions)
    • Drive-by testing your network strength and reach