Security Solutions

IDS, IPS, WAF, Application Hardening


To achieve a maximum system/application security we offer ultra-secure operating systems (based on RBAC, DTE and MLS security model), an application/OS segregation using virtualization techniques and extra hardening for common LAMP web server configurations.

Ultra secure (SELinux/SEBSD) server

SELinux is the most secure modification of Linux distribution in the world developed by American National Security Agency. It uses MAC (Domain Type Enforcement, Role Based Access Control and MultiLevel Security models) instead of traditional Unix DAC. We propose and create your custom SELinux policy for your application. It is an ideal solution for bank/insurance companies and ultra-secure web sites. For BSD fans we also offer SELinux policy (SEBSD) ported to TrustedBSD.

LAMP configuration hardening

For common e-commerce applications based on Apache or any other web server, PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL we offer special environment hardening:

  • configured Web Application Firewall (mod_security)
  • PHP security hardening (enabling/configuring PHP Safe mode, PHP suhosin, suPHP, chrooted web server)
  • security consulting and providing the best-practices in secure coding

Virtualization techniques

Sometimes it can be difficult or expensive to secure applications using SELinux/TrustedBSD or PHP hardening techniques. In such a case we offer a completely transparent segregation of security-critical applications using virtualization techniques (KVM, OpenVZ , XEN,VMWare). This can be also a great solution for hosting multiple virtual machines.

Web application firewall cluster

The completely transparent failover solution based on mod_security WAF and nginx / Apache reverse proxy for high critical web sites that can be used for any web application/portal.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) can be included in the cluster in order to detect dangerous web application attacks.

Honeypot & honeynet

Production honeypots as a decoy for malicious hackers can be placed inside the production network to improve the overall state of security. The purpose of the production honeypot is to monitor and analyse hacker’s activity. The honeypot adds value to the security measures of an organization. We offer strong and efficient honeypot solutions.