Application security


Suitable for:
  • small and medium-sized businesses

HackTrophy is a service aimed to test the security of Internet platforms, which we launched in March 2017.

To our clients, we offer the possibility to have their systems tested by a “bug bounty” program, in which computer experts from all around the world can participate. These experts will try to find vulnerabilities in registered systems. The main benefit for the clients is that of crowd-experienced experts – hackers who are registered in the program and look for weaknesses in application security.

With HackTrophy, the client can take care of the security of their systems, benefiting in both offensive and preventitive methods.

HackTrophy can identify and document IT security vulnerabilities in the short term. The motivation for participating hackers is not only the prestige but also the prize money, which is paid for each of the found security vulnerabilities to the first hacker who discovered it.

The service is divided into two variants – With free variant, the client communicates directly with hackers, who identifies vulnerabilities in their systems. Subsequently, the client pays compensation to hacker only if the vulnerabilities are found and documented. The paid variant includes support of skilled moderators, who help with setting up, examining reported vulnerabilities and also respond to additional questions.

The amount of remuneration is determined by the client. Therefore, they have their security and IT costs under control. The client improves their IT security faster and cheaper compared to the expenses that would be incurred by their security team, or the costs of handling the damage caused by their hacked (compromised) system.

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