Security Services

Comprehensive Android Security Analysis

  • Comprehensive Android Security Analysis includes standard AirGap analysis
  • Analysis of software and hardware equipment
    • Identification and/or removal of potential vulnerable, insecure or privacy-threatening applications (including possible eavesdropping software)
    • Check for critical dangerous applications (voice or text communication, e-mail client, encryption of application and/or system data) with the possibility to replace them to more secure open-source alternatives
    • Analysis of hardware based information leaks (radio spectrum analysis or targeted information leaks, absence of storage encryption, standard and proprietary debug interfaces such as USB Serial or Audio Jack Serial console, …)
  • Analysis of wireless data+voice encryption (both GSM and WiFi)
    • Information about GSM encryption (supported and used encryption modes depending on SIM card and network operator)
    • (Optional) Firewall system and applications, giving user full control over WiFi and cellular data transfers
    • (Optional) Deployment of audit logging solution for possible digital forensic analysis of device behavior and/or information leaks
  • Analysis of used Bootloader/Recovery/Factory software
    • Detection of non-standard signatures or vulnerable factory/vendor versions of critical pre-boot software
    • Analysis of non-encrypted data storages and its exploitability