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Shielded Room – Faraday Cage


Faraday cage is a concept introduced in the 19th century. It is based on a principle that the electric charge is concentrated only on the outside surface and not in the volume of a conductor. This means that no electric field is produced inside the Faraday cage.

Shielded room (Faraday cage) is used particularly where it is required to protect equipment or persons against the harmful effect of electromagnetic field, radio waves, etc. For this purpose it is therefore required to build specialised Faraday cages. One type of a Faraday cage is to a certain degree a motorcar. A motorcar can, for example, protect persons inside against the effects of lightning striking the motorcar because the electric charge, and hence the electric current, is conducted through the body of the motorcar and therefore not through the body of the persons inside. Faraday cage can also be the metal casing of electroacoustic devices or the shielding of cables.


The room is equipped with special semi-automatic door opening, access is controlled by security system.

A maximum form of protection against wiretapping is a special treatment of a selected conference room using installation of the shielded cubicle (Faraday cage).  This technology does not allow leak of any signal
from the protected space.  Shielding will avoid spreading of all signals:
radio signals, Bluetooth, infra-red signal, GPS signal, GSM signals of 3G, 4G mobile communication,
WiFi, GPRS, CDMA, micro-wave signals (MW)