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Safe Office – the highest efficiency through prevention

Safe Office is a special package of services which has been developed for making regular, preventive counter surveillance searches.

With the Safe Office you will be also able to make substantial savings. This is because the Safe Office package includes four counter surveillance searches.

Safe Office package includes:

  • 1 full counter surveillance search
  • 4 basic counter surveillance searches

This type of service is used mainly by clients who are aware of the security risks and include counter surveillance protection as part of their standard security measures. The Safe Office package consists of four searches conducted in a year. The first is always the Full Search followed by three Basic Searches. This is a standard service option which can, of course, be further adjusted according client’s specific requirements. Also, this standard service option is immediately adjusted whenever a non-standard behaviour is detected in the searched spaces. This type of service maximises the effect of the searches conducted while, at the same, reducing the financial cost (savings are usually up to several tens of percent).

Full Search – efficiency 99%

Full Search is dedicated for the clients who require top standard of safety, this type of search can increase the probability of detection off the bugs to 99%. This type of search is an extension of standard inspection, which is extended to scan by using the thermal imager.

Standard Search – efficiency 95%

Standard Search is dedicated for the clients for whom the use of sophisticated surveillance equipment is highly probable or who need a high degree of security. Compared with the Basic Search, in this type of search the company technicians will also use nonlinear transfer detector which can detect surveillance equipment which is not active at a given moment. In this type of search the search procedures are overlapped in order to minimise the risk of failing to detect the equipment operating in he range between two measuring methods. The average speed of this search is about 10 m2 per hour by 2 trained technicians.

Basic Search – efficiency 70-80%

The aim of this counter-surveillance search is to detect the installed illegal surveillance equipment which, in practice, can be easily obtained, installed and operated. This type of search is for the clients for whom the risk of the use sophisticated surveillance equipment is negligible or who consider it unlikely. The average speed of this search is about 10 m2 per hour by 2 trained technicians.

MAXIMUM Search – efficiency in excess 96-99%

This type of search is designed for the clients who are not satisfied with the efficiency of the Full Search (95%), Compared with the Full Search, in this type of search the technicians will also use thermal camera, completely remove and thoroughly check the furniture and furnishings and check photographs of printed circuits used in the office (this is done where the printed circuits are accessible).

Introduction of this type search was necessitated by the continuing technological development of surveillance equipment able to transmit within a radio spectrum while remaining undetectable to spectrum analysers and with their antenna designed to prevent detection by the nonlinear transfer detector. The time requirement for this type of search is 3 days on the client’s premises and 1 day for assessing the office space with the floor area of 20 m2.