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Secure calls


Secure Android & Secure VoIP Solutions

Secure Android

Highly secure calls, mostly open-source and transparent solution for using a smartphone based on CyanogenMod alternative Android distribution with custom enhancements:

  • Encrypted calls using ZRTP enabled Linphone or CSIPSimple
  • Standalone VoIP PBX based on FreeSWITCH / Kamailio SIP Server, as a hardware appliance, protected against unauthorized hardware access and with full disk encryption, with remote management access
  • “Extra Secure” optional features
    • Open-hardware and Open-Software GSM module, which enables mobile data on Android Tablet devices, and we can shut off built-in GSM hardware
    • Screen protection against monitoring and observation with the naked eye
    • Killswitch protection which deletes encryption keys and overwrites as much encrypted data as possible when “Special Unlock Code” is used before starting the device (bootloader unlock) or on screen unlock

Secure VoIP Solutions

We offer secure VoIP solutions that significantly decrease your telephone costs, allow you to be online from any place in the world and provide you a lot of features of VoIP telephony:

  • encrypted calls (SIP/TLS + SRTP/ZRTP) without possibility of interception
  • full migration from analog PBX
  • complex functionality (call parking, call queuing, conference bridging, voicemail, blacklists, SMS messaging and many more)
  • design of robust call centers
  • strong customizing (the solution that completely fulfills your needs)
  • VoIP billing solutions
  • VoIP consulting

We helped the Asterisk community and developed T38 gateway.
Our experience with securing Asterisk are summarized in the following document Asterisk SecurityHardening Guide v1.0, where the different ways of hardening the Asterisk call center were described.

Active VoIP IPS protection against VoIP attacks

  • fail-over redundant cluster based on Redhat Cluster Suite
  • active protection against SIP/RTP protocols attacks
  • integration to existing VoIP infrastructure
  • special scripts for detection of attacks with alerts generation
  • suitable for all VoIP providers
  • user-friendly web frontend (written in AJAX Rails)
  • “appliance” solution provided as two preinstalled servers