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Our new services

GDPR mania has also affected our company – over the past few months we participated in GDPR conferences, workshops, and various meetings, we have also published many expert presentations and critical articles concerning GDPR. We are now successfully behind that and look further into the future – The future of decentralized applications based on smart contracts. How to safely create them, how to test them, and identify critical vulnerabilities whose last-time abuse has caused damage of up to $ 2.2 billion.

We have launched the Smart Contracts Security Audit Service

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have reached significant growth in the past year. They saw the light of the day thanks to hundreds of new launches but also because of hundreds of completed ICO projects running on the Ethereum platform. The most popular language for developing decentralized smart contracts for various block-based platforms (including Ethereum) has become Solidity.

Since we believe in a decentralized peer-to-peer company, and we perceive smart contracts as very promising, we have decided to focus on smart contract security of decentralized applications. Abuse of vulnerabilities in smart contracts can lead to millions of losses and theft of tokens; it is usually an irreversible process. After several months of study we have created an article about the most common vulnerabilities in smart contracts, where we’ve accumulated common security issues and bugs committed by developers. In addition to a detailed description of the vulnerabilities, the article includes both examples of damages and subsequent correction.

We have achieved valuable know-how that we would like to share with our customers. That’s why we decided to launch the new Smart Security Audit Service.


We have launched new GDPR services