Netzwerk-und Systemsicherheit

Security of SCADA systems


IT security company Nethemba provides the protection of critical infrastructure in your organization by identifying external and internal vulnerabilities in OT environments. We offer a comprehensive review of cyber security in the field of industrial control systems ICS / SCADA / DCS. Our certified expert will create a tailor-made security screening and penetration test. By identifying the risks of critical ICS assets, identifying threats, and developing a risk management plan, we effectively protect ICS / SCADA infrastructure, processes, and the physical environment. We understand the sensitive environment of ICS / SCADA and therefore our approach to penetration testing is responsible with our own methodology that does not interfere with the production environment.

Testing includes:

– Physical security check of ICS / DCS components (technical rooms, data centers)

– Evaluation of the security awareness of operators and operations managers

– Review of security policies, procedures, processes in OT environment according to NIST and ISA IEC 62443 standards

– Evaluation of cyber security maturity in OT operations

– Identify risks and threats in the Process Control Network (PCN) architecture

– Identification of risks and threats of PCN components (HMI, Engineering and SCADA workstation, etc.)

– Verification of wireless communications

– Penetration testing using our methodology

– Network threat identification by passive SCADA IDS sensor (optional)


Suitable for:

– all industrial companies

– transport industry, chemical industry, water industry, oil industry, nuclear power plants and many others


Duration of testing: depends on the complexity of the infrastructure

Scope of the final report: 40 – 100 pages