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Cloud solutions


Widespread use of web services has created new ways to design and implement IT projects that until recently were available to large enterprises only or were very expensive like:

  • possibility to completely delegate complex maintainance of networks, servers, operating systems and backup processes to third party organization
  • possibility to dynamically and flexibly react to increased server load (e.g. increased visits ) by immediate starting of new virtual servers
  • worldwide content distribution with low latency and very high avallability and throughput
  • significantly increased availability of your services

All of this and even more we can provide not only to big, but even small customers for very reasonable price !

A “Cloud Computing” is a term for a system where resources like server computing power, storage space (harddrives, NAS), software etc. , that until now have required some real piece of hardware or operating system you had to buy or rent, keep maintainance, pay license fees, can be provided now as a customer’s service where everything related to hardware and operating system is completely hidden for the customer.

You will never more need to care about physical location, energy consumption, network connections, power backup, you do not need to maintain your own serverhousing room and do not have to take care about proper air conditioning and operation security.

Using “Cloud Computing” services is really simple – you can use “web services”, manageable from many programming languages ( PHP, Java, C#, VB.NET, Ruby, Perl ) with ready to use libraries and APIs. Most of them are even available from user-friendly web interface.

What can we offer you?

Computing performance virtualization 

  • replace your real hardware and never-ending outages and failures with virtual ones (but still very powerful)
  • anytime when your virtual computer fails you can immediately start a new one without the need of hotline calls or waiting for your provider actions – now everything is fully in your hands
  • possibility to immediately start 1, 10 or even 1000 own computers at once using only one command or define number of running machines automatically and dynamically depending on your visits or load. In the case of need you have an option to turn off any or all your virtual computers in order not to waste your money
  • pay for what you only really use (you pay for CPU time of every computer you are running) – you can dynamically change number of your running computers depending on seasonal visit peaks, market demand or advertising campaign (e.g. running of 1000 powerful computers cluster for 1 hour costs only $30 !)
  • tune your server’s performance by choosing from many predefined hardware configurations – specify how many CPU cores or operating memory you really need
  • run free or commercial versions of Linux, Microsoft Windows Server or other Unix operating systems without the need to care about OS licensing (their prices are already included in CPU hourly price)
  • set secure access to your services easily without special firewall knowledge

Storage space virtualization 

  • possibility to connect to any virtual computer unlimited virtual hard drives with size from 1GB up to 1TB
  • pay only for the capacity you really need and do not waste your money for the unused space
  • create a snapshot of any disk anytime with no limit of concurrent snapshots
  • create your new disk from the previous virtual or real disk snapshot
  • your data remains even if your connected computers are off

Backup space virtualization 

  • you can have at least 3 distributed replicas of your backup data for any files from 1 byte up to 5 GB, in total up to 256 TB (!)
  • pay for a current size of your backup data only and minimum fee for transfering to backup center
  • use several protected and mutually independend storage destinations
  • after storing your data to S3 storage you can simply distribute them over the world using edge servers and global CDN network

Computer load balancing 

  • create your own cluster with any number of computers providing your service (e.g. web access to your web portal) and load balancer will fully automatically and intelligently distribute your load  to every active backend computer
  • if any computer from the cluster fails, it is automatically removed from the server pool
  • using proper monitoring, e.g. checking for a minimum predefined number of running systems, it is possible to replace all failed systems with new fully working ones that will be included to the server pool

MySQL Virtualization

  • it is possible to start your own virtual server with MySQL server 5.1 which is 100% compatible with all existing MySQL tools and applications
  • security and functional updating is fully automatized without the need of your intervention
  • define a custom period of backuping your data with the possibility to recover them anytime
  • choose your virtual machine from many predefined hardware configurations in order to satisfy your needs
  • set up secure access to you services using a simple web firewall interface

Security and availability

  • provide your business services to your customers using many independent data centers in US / EU and be immune against failures, outages, DOS attacks targeted at one hosting center
  • we can propose you a multiregional clustering solution, where your important data and services that have to be always available to your customers will exist simultaneously in many different parts of a country, continent or world
  • address new customers in different regions and make your information and services accessible to them with low latency and high throughput and availability

Worldwide content replication and distribution  

  • distribute data like images, music, video streaming or any other static content across the globe from distributed edge locations
  • edge locations are located in many areas  (USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong)
  • provide an ultra fast downloading of your data or realtime video streaming with minimal latency
  • offload your servers

Monitoring and dynamic scaling

  • we can propose you a system of intelligent monitors that checks the state of your virtual infrastructure, dynamically reacts to outages, overloads, sudden increase of accesses
  • possibility to watch amount of transferred data, number of HTTP connections, CPU load or memory usage
  • in the case that any your server fails, unexpected increase of number of connections or CPU load, you can easily define how many new servers should be started in order to manage extra load
  • set up minimal and maximal number of servers that will serve a given job, in case they are not fully used, they can be fully automatically shut down to save money